82. De Uitnodiging/The Invitation

The funding for the short movie: De uitnodiging/ The invitation is online.

If you are as independent as the main character Delilah but still get pressure from the people around you trying to adept you to their healthy lifestyle, than you understand exactly what Delilah is going through and agree the decision she is going to make after.

De uitnoding/The invitation is set in 2017, with hints to the old black/white horror movies.
The short movie is about a dinner party where the guests bite back.
It’s a dutch movie, but there will be english subtitles so everyone can enjoy watching it without having to learn our difficult language πŸ˜‰

Everyone who enjoys supporting independent upcoming movie makers please donate to:
Donation can be made from €10 to €1000 or more.

Support us at: De Uitnodiging

Find us at:


Thank you!


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