80. Pearl’s June

“The greastest thing you will ever learn, is to love and be loved in return”  Our wedding invitation by the amazing: Cartalia 

Our weddinglist is, I guess, as good as done 🙂  Except for some small things but that will do, still too early for that.
Our suits and shoes are ready, and we both have our own style, we are not matching. We’ve our own style and color we love, there’s maybe some colors that are a bit the same….ah well when wedding days over I will post photos on here anyway so you know what I mean :p


The guest list is as good as done 🙂 Guestbook, some other things for the ceremony table too, only the small wedding favors for the guests is something we still need.
44 people will be there (can increase depending on the +1’s ) and that’s definitely enough for us 🙂

Our music will be a variation of music from the 70s till 2017, from rock to a bit more chill music. (or is it chill for us and still noisy for others? that I don’t know :P)
And lesser the cheesy music the better :’)  I cringe at cheesy music. There are some songs that are like that in our music list and that’s enough.
Okay,…sometimes it’s okay to listen to that kind of music, but I just think weddings are cheesy enough :’)

Our opening song will be a song of the band “Hurts”
Sadly their new album won’t be available on our wedding :’)
it will be available 29th of September instead  of before 18th (Grrr!)
We’re going to their gig this december the 6th, very excited!

Oh yeah, and wedding cake tasting was on 16th June 😀 at 20:30 PM (yes that late in the evening :’) sillybakery is it called, and they make beautiful cakes! so we are very happy because we want a special cake :’)
It tasted delicious! and the woman who makes these beautiful cakes is very kind.
Can’t wait till she sent us the design of the cake.

Our car will be an english cab because we both love the uk very much 🙂 ❤ hah.
The only thing is we booked it for 4 hours, so we have to make the photo’s with the car first :p as we stay there, I guess, till the party starts.

Im a bit nervous 🙂 but that something everyone’s experiencing right? 🙂
God! almost 3 months left :’)!
Let’s hope it doesn’t rain but most important that it’s not too hot!

And also: Congrats to my cat Pearl
24th of June was my cat Pearls birthday
She’s 12 years old now! Can’t believe how fast time flies.
She’s still as happy and active as when’s she was young :)!
Bought some new toys for her too.
I hope she will live a many years more ❤


The gray one ofcourse 😉

I don’t know what to tell more though 😮
We are maybe going 1 day to Canterbury in June 🙂  and my partner and sisters are working on a short movie 🙂 so that’s pretty exciting 😀 It’s called “De uitnodiging” (dutch movie means “The invitation”)
I myself have finished a Nikola Tesla panel and its been a good month for my art as well 🙂 So I can’t complain (okay, except for the messy glass room right now..)

I hope you all had a great June too!




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