77. Veluwezoom

Last sunday we went to Veluwezoom in Gelderland (Netherlands).
There are lots of beautiful places to visit here, but I know most of the tourists still go to Amsterdam :).

Veluwezoom is a national park and is also the oldest one.
It consists of forests and heathland and the animals you can find their are for example: Pine marten, Deer, Badgers, foxes, wild pigs, wild horses, squirrels and  highlander cows. We only saw a squirrel and a horse and some hares, oyeah and some wandering humans too :p

We went by train from Eindhoven to Rheden and stayed there at veluwezoom almost the whole day 😛 still only seen a small part. When we were there we also bought a map from the visiterscentrum.

The heathland isn’t in bloom yet, somewhere in august the Heatland will be colored purple. I did pluck a flower, I sometimes do this to collect random things from travel.

And also found a small piece of a tile/or platter in a dried up waterpuddle

Here’s the rest of the photo’s of our little adventure.


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