71. Further away

The urge to live further away than where we live now is growing each day.  Dreaming of having a house near the sea, mountains or deep forest.  We now live in an apartment near the city.            My biggest dream is to live in the UK. First I alaways said “Definitely London” but now that I’m older I’m thinking “Definitely not”  It’s not that I have started to hate London, no, still love to visit it lots. I just need to live somewhere more quietly with lots of nature 😐 so kinda in the middle of nowhere.

And if we never have the chance to live abroad, I wouldnt mind to live in Zeeland or Gelderland.  I found cute houses there that were pretty cheap :p

I’m however pretty happy that our apartment isn’t that small and the balcony big enough where I can surround myself with plants.

Im searching for a course where I learn more about plants etc but I cant find anything yet that I think is the right one. I also thought about doing interior design or something like that, although I have so many indoor hobbies and my work as glassartist is also indoors that Im trying to find something that has to do with being outside. To keep the balance.

I just keep searching and hope I will find something.


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