69. Outside

I love the outdoors, in these places I always find my peace.

Sadly I’m allergic to mosquitos and sadly mosquitos fall in love with me way too easy.
So it’s not always that fun for me to wander around the forest 🙂
( Mosquito repellent spray is now on my to-buy list )
The forest nearby our home isn’t that big, although there is plenty to see if you take the time to actually look around you, it’s busier than you think 😉
We often see wild deer, rabbits and all kind of birds. I know these are very common for most people and lots of people ignore most of it, but I still enjoy watching these animals as if Im seeing it for the first time :p I enjoy the outdoors a lot.

There’s also a lake nearby, now if you go and visit, you will see little baby geese and also meerkoeten (Eurasian coots) sitting on their nests. Love those funny fella’s with their white masks.
I enjoy sitting near that lake, sometimes it’s a bit crowded though as people come their with their families to picnic, sport, fishing, BBQ (yes…), Sunbathing and sometimes to get in a hot air balloon.
Never been in a hot air balloon and will never try that :p Will try zipline, but not that.


Screenshot from one of our vid’s (still no edit software)


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