67. That man

Okay this short post is dedicated to that man who lives in the same apartment building as me.
It’s an old man, always neatly dressed.
Every time I see him I greet him with a “Hello” or “Good morning”.
That man never does the same to me, in matter of fact he just stares at me blankely as if I have just insulted him and his whole family line or as if I just have landed with my amazing UFO and greeted this amazing living creature while showing off my amazing silver space suit.
It makes me feel awkward; I still have a bit of social anxiety left inside of me and greeting people is still something I rather avoid. ( I do greet back if someone else greets me)
So it makes everything worse if a person doesn’t greet me back because it takes me a lot of effort.
What also makes everything worse is he does greet my partner.
My partner looks like he’s travelled from the deepest of the forrest or highest mountains and came back to buy some blurays ( I know this doesn’t make any sense…I also know that he reads my blogs, love you :P!)
Maybe the old man thinks that my partner has tales to tell; Maybe the old man is scared of him and thinks “If I don’t greet back he will throw me down the fifth floor”
I will never know and the craziest of thoughts come to mind.

To that man who never greets me,
“Good day”



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