63. Camcorder & Brighton

Our honeymoon trip is booked :)! !  (well we booked it some days ago but I haven’t posted anything about it yet)
We are going to Brighton; as I have mentioned in the previous posts, with hopefully also a bustrip to Beachy Head 🙂
We will be staying at the Brunswick Square hotel (5 nights )
Going with airplane (terrified of heights though, but my love for travel is stronger)

I’m now searching for more things to do in and around Brighton.
Also; There’s no HMV in Brighton anymore and now I’m wondering where they buy their blurays or games at? because I’m searching on google, but I can’t find any stores (only video, bluray players, and records 😐 ) am I doing it all wrong or what?

We also bought a camcorder (sony FDR-AX53) so that we can film our trip and future travels ❤
We are still testing the camera as I still have to learn not to move the camera at warp speed :’)  very difficult.  The only problem is that we don’t have an edit program yet -_- We can’t edit with the standard programs on this computer as the quality goes from “4k” to the quality of “Welcome back to the past!”.

We filmed a wild deer btw 🙂 here’s a screenshot


Besides filming this deer we also filmed random things outside and ourselves :’) but Im not yet brave enough to share it on youtube like other people.
So I hope I will build up some courage in the meantime.
I guess if I had a youtube channel, it would be about us visiting/showing small places or faraway travels 🙂  also fun to look back when you’re older and cringing about how we were :p heh.

I also told my parents about our trip to Brighton and that we are going by plane. But I don’t know, lately they are so afraid of so many things (you know the news stuff etc) and I just don’t understand at all? why is everyone afraid? afraid that something will happen (to us)?  you know what I’m afraid of? dying at home.
I’m afraid that I won’t see many places before Im dead, that I die inside my house.
That’s what Im afraid of.
We are going to the south of UK not somewhere where there’s war :\
We will go to as many places around the world as we can. Over my dead body that I will stay at home because of the fear of whatever is going around nowadays.
You can drown in soup for catssake. That’s not how I want to be found btw 
Should we also stop eating soup for the fear of drowning?

I love adventure;
and it killed me when I went through that whole social anxiety/fear of going outside/fear of failure…..thing that lasted 8 years u__u. now that it’s almost gone I have this urge to get more out of this life. If you get stuck inside your house for so many years you appreciate the outside etc more when the fear’s gone :’)




  1. Your trip to Brighton sounds lovely. And we totally agree with the being frightened part — it would be awful to die at home, never having seen much of the world. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. And congrats on your upcoming honeymoon and marriage!

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