62. Castle Geldrop photo’s

These days have been sunny and warm and I enjoyed them all by working outside on our balcony. It’s not even summer yet and I already have burned my shoulders and neck.
I still need to get used to working outside with glass and have to work secure not to step on it and clean up everything afterwards.  I also have two cats; but miraculously they know where and where not to walk, avoiding all the glass better than I did myself. So that’s one thing less I have to worry.

A week ago or so Me, my partner and my parents went to Castle (kasteelhoeve) in Geldrop. We were wondering if the flowers were in bloom and decided to visit as this will be the place for our wedding ceremony; as said couple of times in my other posts, sorry I’m a bit excited 🙂 .

Narciscus and trees


We love to visit and see places, as we love to wander and explore. We don’t have the money nor time to see other countries if we could we would travel a lot. It’s a wonder if that we can go visit Brighton for our honeymoon. 

Them beautiful and old trees (wedding ceremony spot)
Small and cute Robin


The flowers and plants are not yet in bloom/growing, but it was still a lovely day to visit.
We saw robins and also a red squirrel. We also went inside the castle to make some photo’s.

Love windows and the outside view
My partner sitting in the tea room

We have been inside the castle before; It’s just nice to visit it more than once, you never know how long places stay the same through years.
Its strange how  much the world has changed from the importance of castles to where we are now, if you know what I mean 😐 I can’t even imagine how life was back then.

The rooms are amazingly beautiful.

Last photo of the Tea room

I also love stained glass windows (ofcourse) So you will definitely find them back in my photography :’)

Curious ofcourse. Who wouldn’t try? the door was locked :p that bookcase is a ‘hidden’ door btw.
Love the red with the wooden furniture and golden mirrors. Paintings are always spooky.

This lovely green/white kitchen (my parents want a kitchen like this)


Love these tiles combination with the copper faucets
Enter a caption


The staircase is also a must-see. In the first pic is my father, wasn’t supposed to be blurry same as my mother pic (second one) but everyone was in a hurry or something :p. I also used the miniature effect on the camera, as I love when some things are out of focus. It’s just sometimes my timing isn’t well :p. Still love it though.


Amazing windows and chandelier.

The castle has many rooms, with lots of old photo’s, documents and found objects also a room with to many dolls for my taste (did not take a pic, and did not go inside :p)

❤ my world


I know see the many mirror and window photo’s and I’m definitely not sorry for that :p
The reason why I love to make photo’s of windows is because somewhere in a different time and someone from that time watched out of the same window and I often wonder what that person was like or so. Same as for mirrors although I’m not sure those mirrors are from that time, still beautiful though!

real antique vase ❤


warm room but spooky paintings.
Old bottles and jars

That’s it everyone. Hope you liked it 🙂
If you ever visit Noord brabant, the Netherlands. Geldrop is a small place near Eindhoven, it’s easy to go by bus or bicycle (or car ofcourse)
It’s a beautiful place to visit, no matter which season you go. Delicious food, drink and lots to see. (They also show paintings expositions at the castle).

I love traveling with partner and also my parents (or whoever comes with)
I always find it an exciting thing to do 🙂



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