60. It’s Spring

It’s finally Spring! I’ve waited so long for this season.
Now it’s here, still bit cloudy though, but that’s fine with me as long as the sun is going to peek through those clouds every now and then.

I want to keep this blog as much updated about everything I want to share; although I’m not that good at it, sorry about that.
18th of March was the day that it’s exactly half a year before we get married 🙂
Already nervous as hell and I don’t know why.

We are going to get married at Kasteelhoeve, Geldrop. Under the big old trees :P, and if it’s raining; we are going to get married inside in one of the rooms of the castle (I hope it’s not going to rain…)

Some weeks ago we cycled to Geldrop to sign the papers; it’s not that far from where we live and the road to Geldrop is quite beautiful, we even saw a Common Buzzard sitting on a branch in a tree (didn’t have my camera, grr)

Here are three old photo’s of the place , the two old trees where we will get married and an old pic of us near the trees (made around 2014) when we weren’t thinking about getting married yet :p concidence? Always thought we would get married in Eindhoven, but  it is way to expensive 😐 Glad though as this place is more beautiful.

We are now putting the music list together 🙂 and the oldest song right now is from the 70’s, we won’t add songs older than that. We both love rock/alternative music and wedding music should always be something you both enjoy 🙂

I hope all will go well, it won’t be a big wedding party with lots of people, and I think not many people from my side will come. Although I don’t mind? is that strange?
The part I’m most stressed about is the photography :’) we are both very introverted people. The photo you see above is actually not something I feel comfortable with, posed photography :\ don’t know why.
I think the day will go well, and it will pass faster than we think 😛



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